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Go Faster is a blockchain-based game that uses its native ERC-20 utility token, GFG, for in-game transactions, access, action, and governance within the ecosystem. The token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000, and it is split among nine main groups as follows:

  1. Public pre-sale (1%)
  2. Community Airdrop (0.50%)
  3. Game Operations (24.35%)
  4. Strategic Sales (6.25%)
  5. Liquidity Pool (14.17%)
  6. Team & Advisors (19.23%)
  7. Marketing & Rewards (12%)
  8. Private sale (2.50%)
  9. Company Reserve (20%)

The GFG token is used in various ways within the game, such as staking to participate in races, exchanging with other tokens, buying racing cars, and withdrawing rewards. Low transaction fees on the Polygon network make blockchain transactions more affordable for players.

More on : Allocation – release schedule

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