Cryptlight Child Theme

Game Mechanics

Racing and Overtaking: The main objective of the game is to race against other players and overtake them to finish in first place. Players can use their skills to control their car and make it go faster or use boosters that can be purchased with GFG tokens to get ahead of the competition.

Car Ownership: Players have full ownership of their cars in the game. They can purchase new and more expensive cars using GFG tokens to increase their chances of winning.

Fair Competition: Go Faster is designed to focus on fair competition where players compete by putting at stake GFG tokens. To win and obtain GFG tokens, players must overtake their rival at each and any racing and finish first.

Staking GFG Tokens: Players need to stake a certain amount of GFG tokens to participate in races. If they win, they will receive their reward.

withdraw: Players can withdraw their earned tokens in the game’s settings menu.

GFG Token Exchangeability: In the near future, GFG tokens will be exchangeable with other tokens and digital currencies.

Reward Withdrawal: If a player wins the game, they can withdraw their reward by taking out GFG tokens and benefiting from them.

Low Transaction Fees: The Polygon network charges low fees for blockchain transactions in the game.

Platform Availability: Go Faster is currently available for the Android platform, and in the near future, it will be available for the iOS platform, and then for Windows.

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