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We are proud of our great team. In the future, more comprehensive information about the team and with complete specifications will be provided.

Team lead & Game Developer

team lead


Hi, I’m Parashm, As the Team Lead & Game Developer, my role is to oversee the development of our game and ensure that our team is working effectively and efficiently. I work closely with our designers and programmers to develop the game mechanics and ensure that they align with our vision for the project.

In addition to my technical duties, I also take on a leadership role, helping to mentor and guide our team members to reach their full potential. I believe that strong communication and collaboration are key to a successful project, so I make it a priority to keep our team informed and involved at every stage of development.

Overall, my goal as a Team Lead & Game Developer is to create a game that is not only fun and engaging but also meets the high standards of quality that our team and our players expect.

Blockchain Developer



I’m Thomas, one of the Blockchain Developers on the team. My main responsibility is to design and implement blockchain-based solutions for our clients. This involves working closely with the project managers and other developers to understand the requirements and then writing smart contracts, building decentralized applications, and deploying them on various blockchain platforms. I’m also responsible for conducting thorough testing and ensuring that the code is secure and efficient.

Game Developer



My name is Rios, and I’m a Game Developer on the team. As a Game Developer, my primary responsibility is to bring the vision of the game designers to life by designing and coding the mechanics and systems that make the game work. This involves a lot of problem-solving and creative thinking to ensure that the game is both enjoyable and functional.

UI / UX Designer



my name is Grant and I’m a UI/UX Designer on this team. My main responsibility is to create user interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to use and navigate. To achieve this, I conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, and collaborate with developers to ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of our users.

Back-end Developer



I’m Martin, a back-end developer on the team. My main responsibilities involve designing and building the server-side of web applications, which includes things like database management, API development, and server configuration. I work closely with our front-end developers to ensure that the user experience is seamless and performant. In addition, I’m also responsible for writing and maintaining server-side code that enables our applications to run smoothly and securely. It’s a challenging and rewarding job, and I’m proud to be a part of this team!

Head of Marketing


I’m Danjo, I am the Head of Marketing. As part of my role, I am responsible for overseeing all of our marketing efforts, from developing our overall strategy to executing campaigns and measuring their success. I work closely with our development team to ensure that our game is reaching the right audience and getting the attention it deserves.

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