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This Roadmap only includes major milestones. What GoFaster has done, what will do, you can check here. This section will be updated frequently. Please note that there are many factors that could change the prioritization order, including breakthrough research and feedback from the community.

Research and investigation

  • Game design and development research and investigation was conducted, including designing and developing game pages, tools, programming codes, graphics, and sounds.

Testing and Improvement of Game

  • Enhancing game graphics, sounds, and functionality. Adding in-game token purchase mechanism. Reviewing game security and payment system.

Branding and Audience Identification

  • Target audience and branding identification, market research, name/brand selection, website/social media design, and Google Play publication planned.


  • Perform necessary steps for issuing. Determine token conditions and price for pre-sale. Market initial sale to attract investors and raise capital. Provide project information to the crypto community.

Online Advertising

  • List game token on decentralized exchanges. Design and execute social media advertising campaigns. Optimize keywords and ads to attract target audience. Evaluate and optimize advertising performance based on feedback.


  • Designing and executing airdrop campaigns. Distributing GFG tokens for free to the community. Advertising and marketing the airdrop to attract new users and increase token value.


  • List game token on reputable exchanges. Design and execute marketing strategy. Participate in gaming events.

Game Development

  • Develop game for other platforms Add new features to attract new and retain current users Improve and optimize game performance and systems Add new levels, challenges, and minor changes.

Marketing for new game versions.

  • Design and execute marketing strategy for new game versions. Create web pages for new game versions.

Improving game quality and implementing marketing programs

  • Improve game quality with new features and bug fixes. Advertise more to attract new players and increase GFG token sales. Collaborate with popular social networks for game promotion. Launch player acquisition programs with attractive rewards.

Further development

  • Research opportunities for game and GFG token development. Add new features to game based on opportunities. Test and evaluate new features.
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